Medialogy INCM LMA

Copenhagen, Denmark, May 18-22 2009.

CMMR is an annual event focusing on important aspects of computer music. CMMR 2009 is the sixth event in this series and will this year be held jointly with the ICAD09.

The field of computer music is interdisciplinary by nature and closely related to a number of computer science and engineering areas such as information retrieval, programming, human computer interaction, digital libraries, hypermedia, artificial intelligence, acoustics, signal processing, etc. The CMMR 2009 is organized jointly with the 15th International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD) and will focus on the link between auditory display, sound modelling and music information retrieval. Hence, a special emphasis will be put on concepts, methods and tools involved in the process of designing sounds in an interactive context.

CMMR 2009 invites researchers, educators, composers, performers, and others with an interest in important aspects of computer music (including modeling, retrieval, analysis, and synthesis) to come join us for a unique event.