LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

R. Porter - Plate arrays as water wave metamaterials


Le 6 juillet 2021 de 11h00 à 12h00

Richard Porter / School of Mathematics, University of Bristol

This talk is intended to highlight the different effects that plate arrays (closely-spaced periodic arrays of thin vertical plates) can have on the propagation of surface water waves. It will focus on examples of plate arrays in a number of settings some of which will have analogues in two-dimensional acoustics or electromagnetics. We will start by showing how plate arrays extending through the fluid depth can be used as an all-frequency prefectly-transmitting negative refraction medium. We will include examples of the broadbanded absorption of wave energy by plate arrays which include dissipative effects as metasurfaces or as absorbing cavities in waveguides. We shall also demonstrate the remarkable potential for ocean wave energy absorption by cylindrical structures occupied by plate arrays. If time permits, we shall look at how to use submerged bathymetric plate arrays as devices for creating anisotropic depth effects which can be applied for the bespoke steering of water waves as required.

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