LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

Call for Expression of Interest

The Laboratory expects a starting date between one to three years after the first publication date of the call (August 2018).

Le 2 September 2021 à 14h29

The Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics (LMA, UMR7031, Marseille, France) is looking for an experienced researcher in order to develop its research group in the field of low to medium frequency acoustics (Vibroacoustics, Absorption...).

Context and expectations

The Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics is a research unit associating the CNRS, Aix-Marseille University and Centrale Marseille. Its research activities are in the fields of solid mechanics and acoustics.

Located since 2015 in the Technopôle of Château-Gombert in Marseille, the laboratory is surrounded by research labs in fluid mechanics, mathematics and physics as well as engineering schools (Centrale Marseille and Polytech Marseille) which collaborate through the Labex "Mechanics and Complexity" (MEC) and the Federation of Mechanics "Fabri de Peiresc". The LMA has recently put in operation exceptional and exemplary facilities, including two anechoic rooms and a semi-anechoic room of large volume. Aware of their important scientific potential, the laboratory supervisory institutions support research in these facilities. For example, they support the project to create an Erasmus Mundus master involving acoustics. This support is also reflected in the funding of instrumentation associated with experimental installations under the State-Region Plan Contract (CPER).

The objective of the laboratory is to increase its research potential and its international reputation in hosting a researcher beginning within one to three years. The person hosted will research in the field of acoustics, in the low and medium frequencies of the audible spectrum in order to confirm the reference position of the LMA in this area. It is expected of this person skills and a scientific program demonstrating abilities to succeed in national and international project calls, as well as abilities to expand the research group by attracting PhD and post-doctoral students. The position includes a limited involvement in acoustics teaching, currently held at local engineering schools and the university.

The LMA is organized into three teams: Materials & Structures, Waves & Imaging, and Sounds. The Sounds team is organized around the themes Noise & Vibrations, Hearing & Perception, and Musical Instruments. Acoustics at low and medium frequencies is one of common topics of the team. (http://www.lma.cnrs-mrs.fr "Research" tab "Sounds team" page)

Hosting process

The formal hosting could be carried out in the context of project calls (Rising stars, endowed chairs...) regularly proposed by the Initiative of Excellence (Idex) A*MIDEX, a body of Aix-Marseille University. Discussions are to be conducted between the laboratory, the candidate and the university in order to build a project combining the scientific part with the hosting conditions, and the means (staff or funding) brought by A*MIDEX. In the LMA, within the Sounds team, a small number of people are already exploiting the facilities and play a driving role in association with the management board of the laboratory to be ready to work for the success of a scientific project based on the background and vision of candidates.

Applications will be processed as soon as they are received. For each application, the committee responsible for the hosting project will evaluate the relevance of the application with the call. Depending on the results of this evaluation, the host team will be able to offer support to build the recruitment project with the candidate, and to bring it to the decision-making committees. In the case of multiple applications, the committee reserves the possibility to limit the number of projects. A confidential treatment of the project may be put in place at the request of the candidate.

For more information, anyone who is potentially interested is invited to contact the director of the laboratory Dominique Eyheramendy, or the Sounds team manager Sabine Meunier


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