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Activité : [Vibrations non linéaires]

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Peer-reviewed paper (21)

Sliding window proper orthogonal decomposition: Application to linear and nonlinear modal identification
Clément Simon ,Bellizzi Sergio ,Cochelin Bruno ,Ricciardi Guillaume
Journal of Sound and Vibration 2014, vol. 333, issue 21, pp. 5312-5323

Analysis of stationary random vibrating systems using smooth decomposition
Bellizzi Sergio ,Sampaio Rubens
Shock and Vibration 2013, vol. 20, issue 3, pp. 493-502

Responses of a two degree-of-freedom system coupled to a nonlinear damper under multi-forcing frequencies
Bellizzi Sergio ,Côte Renaud ,Pachebat Marc
Journal of Sound and Vibration 2013, vol. 332, issue 7, pp. 1639-1653

Free vibrations of an uncertain energy pumping system
Cataldo Edson ,Bellizzi Sergio ,Sampaio Rubens
Journal of Sound and Vibration 2013, vol. 332, issue 25, pp. 6815--6828

Reduced models based on smooth decomposition for random mechanical systems
Bellizzi Sergio ,Sampaio Rubens
International Review of Mechanical Engineering (I.RE.M.E.) 2012, vol. 6, issue 1, pp. 74-85

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