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Juliette Payan


Peer-reviewed paper (3)

A progressive first ply failure model for woven ply CFRP laminates under static and fatigue loads
Hochard Christian ,Bordreuil Cyril ,PAYAN Juliette
International Journal of Fatigue 2006, vol. 28, pp. 1270-1276

Design and computation of laminated composite structures
Hochard Christian ,PAYAN Juliette ,Montagnier Olivier
Composites Science and Technology 2005, vol. 65, pp. 467-474

Damage modelling of carbon/epoxy laminated composites under static and fatigue loads
PAYAN Juliette ,Hochard Christian
International Journal of Fatigue 2002, vol. 24, issue 2-4, pp. 299-306

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PhD thesis (1)