LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

Theme Environmental Noise

Environmental noise problems are largely widespread by the media. The LMA has carried out long-term scientific research on this topic. It is supported by regular industrial collaborations on projects with a high social impact.

Scientific objectives

  • Reduced-order representations of vibro-acoustic fields : environmental sound fields are usually very complex. Their analysis requires a parsimonious ranking of their most relevant components, so that they can be manipulated using a simple control system.
  • Active noise control : current works on noise reduction intend to supplement passive solutions (otherwise studied) using control systems able to enhance their performance, especially towards the low frequency domain.
  • Sound field synthesis : the objective is the laboratory reproduction of real-life sound fields and wall-pressure excitations such as those encountered in buildings (acoustic diffuse field) or in aeronautic and surface transport systems (boundary layer noise), using cost-efficient synthesis techniques.
  • Sonification of electric vehicles : Our ears usually warn us of the proximity of a vehicle engine in motion, but also of its velocity and acceleration. Electric cars are very quiet and the question arises of the safety of the nearby pedestrians and of the other drivers. The acoustical comfort inside the car cabin also has to be reconsidered. The challenge of sonification is to restore the transmission by the sound of useful informations inside and outside the vehicle.

Current studies

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Social and economic impact

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Work in progress