LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

[Séminaire extérieur] B. Lombard - Time-domain investigation of wave propagation in effective metamaterial models


Le 6 juillet 2021 de 15h00 à 16h00

Bruno Lombard / DR LMA fera un séminaire invité au sujet des métamatériaux

Abstract : Wave propagation in microstructured media is often expressed in the frequency domain. This is particularly the case for resonant media, where resonance frequencies are explicitly involved in the PDE (e.g. Helmholtz resonators, high contrast media, etc.). However, it is possible to describe these phenomena based on the auxiliary field formalism. It then becomes possible to use the powerful mathematical and numerical tools specific to hyperbolic systems. The temporal approach allows to study the time of the establishment of periodic phenomena with a single simulation, and is particularly useful when the studied system presents nonlinearities.

We will illustrate the subject by reviewing different cases of interest for the “metamaterials” community :

  • High contrast volume homogenization (coll : Cédric Bellis, link)
  • Resonant outer cloak (coll : Sébastien Guenneau and Cédric Bellis, link)
  • Resonant metasurfaces (Marie Touboul’s PhD thesis, coll : Cédric Bellis, Agnès Maurel, Kim Pham and Jean-Jacques Marigo,link1 and link2)
  • Dynamics of solids with nonlinear cracks (coll. Raphaël Assier, Cédric Bellis, Marie Touboul, link)

More informations & access link to live webinar : https://meta-mat.org/agenda/

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