LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

Post-doctorant / CDD pour le projet européen ChEESE-2P

Le 17 avril 2023 à 16h40

CDD (post-doc) de 32 mois dans le cadre du projet européen ChEESE-2P sur la thématique "Numerical modeling of seismo-acoustic wave propagation in a marine coastal environment as a tool to assess seismic and acoustic risks induced by anthropogenic activities"

Candidatures à envoyer avant le 15 mai.

Profile : Candidate with a PhD (preferably in seismology, acoustics, applied mathematics, or computational engineering), with a strong background in numerical modeling (PDE). Experience in GPU computing could be beneficial, but not mandatory. The candidate should have a broad interest and learn quickly. The candidate should also possess very good writing and verbal communication skills in English.

Duration of contract : 32 months (possibility of 5 additional months)
Starting date : Preferably, between September and November, 2023
Salary scale : € 2455 to € 3300 net per month (incl. insurance health), depending on the professional experience


4 of the 15 simulation cases mentioned above will be considered as full-scale Scientific Grand Challenges (SGC). In close collaboration with experts in HPC modeling and seismo-acoustics in marine environments, the candidate will implement one of them. This SGC will focus on 3D full-wave simulations of seismo- acoustic wave propagation (up to the frequency 100 Hz) induced by anthropogenic activities in a coastal environment in the Mediterranean Sea (France). The main objective of the simulations, conducted with SPECFEM3D, will be to subsequently assess seismic risks at the shoreline and underwater noise pollution. The candidate will attend ChEESE-2P meetings and participate in the writing of the mandatory deliverables of the project. The candidate will also disseminate the scientific results (publications in high- ranked scientific journals, presentations in international conferences).

For more information and/or application, please contact

  • Vadim Monteiller (vadim.monteiller@cnrs.fr), and/or
  • Nathalie Favretto-Cristini (nathalie.favretto-cristini@cnrs.fr),and/or
  • Paul Cristini (paul.cristini@cnrs.fr)

... and in the attached file more information about the details of this offer

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