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Articles à comité de lecture (59)

Recovery of Biot's transition frequency of air-saturated poroelastic media using vibroacoustic spectroscopy
Ogam Erick, Fellah Zine El Abiddine,
Journal of Applied Physics 2014, vol. 116, pp. 063503

Numerical modeling of zero-offset laboratory data in a strong topographic environment : Results for a spectral-element method and a discretized Kirchhoff integral method
Favretto-Cristini Nathalie, Tantsereva Anastasiya, Cristini Paul, Ursin Bjorn, Komatitsch Dimitri, Aizenberg Arkady,
Earthquake Science 2014, vol. 27, issue 4, pp. 391-399

Fresnel volume and interface Fresnel zone for reflected and transmitted waves from a curved interface in anisotropic media
Ursin Bjorn, Favretto-Cristini Nathalie, Cristini Paul,
Geophysics 2014, vol. 79, issue 5, pp. C123-C134

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Articles sans comité de lecture (1)

Simultaneous assessment of bone thickness and velocity for ultrasonic computed tomography using transmission-echo method
ZHENG Rui, Lasaygues Philippe,
Ultrasonics symposium (IUS), 2013 IEEE International 2013, pp. 2084-2087

Communications avec actes (35)

Identification of inhomogeneous concrete cover by non-contact ultrasonic method
Piwakowski Bogdan, Liu Qiang, Balayssac Jean-Paul, Villain Géraldine, Garnier Vincent, Kaczamrek Mariusz, Drelich Radoslaw, 2014, Nantes, FR

Comparison of durability indicators obtained by Non Destructive Testing methods to monitor the durability of concrete structures
Villain Géraldine, Balayssac Jean-Paul, Garnier Vincent, Piwakowski Bogdan, SALIN Jean, Fardeau Vincent, Dérobert Xavier, Coffec Odile, Joubert Anaëlle, 2014, Nantes, FR

Non Destructive Testing of concrete: transfer from laboratory to on-site measurement
Garnier Vincent, Martini Dominique, SALIN Jean, Fardeau Vincent, Sbartai Mehdi, Breysse Denys, Piwakowski Bogdan, Villain Géraldine, Abraham Odile, Balayssac Jean-Paul, 2014, Nantes, FR

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Communications sans actes (15)

Efficient and accurate numerical modeling of acoustic wave propagation in complex structures using a spectral-element method (SEM)
Komatitsch Dimitri, Cristini Paul, Xie Zhinan, , Dijon, FR

Bayesian seismic tomography by parallel interacting Markov chains
Gesret Alexandrine, Bottero Alexis, Romary Thomas, Noble Mark, Desassis Nicolas, , AT

Quelques réflexions sur l'interaction ondes sismiques/interfaces
Favretto-Cristini Nathalie, Cristini Paul, De Bazelaire Eric, Le Touzé Grégoire, , Rueil-Malmaison, FR

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Conférences Invités (1)

Evolution of calibrated particles during their compaction
Hégron Lise, Sornay Philippe, Favretto-Cristini Nathalie, , Marseille, FR

Chapitres d'ouvrages scientifiques (2)

Modeling of ultrasound backscattering by aggregating red blood cells
Franceschini Emilie, Cloutier Guy,
Springer 2013, pp. 117-145, isbn 978-94-007-6951-9

Transient Acoustic Wave Propagation in Porous Media
Fellah Zine El Abiddine, Fellah Mohamed, Depollier Claude,
INTECH 2013, pp. 127-160, isbn 978-953-51-1189-4

Documents sans références (1)