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Quelqu’un a dit que LE SILENCE est impossible...

Julien Bayle, artiste français multidisciplinaire décide de s’isoler dans une de nos salles anéchoïque pour explorer ... le silence...

Cette fascinante Résidence d’artiste au LMA, dans cet endroit (apparemment) parfaitement silencieux, s’est transformé en une publication :

Violent Grains of Silence (sortie du catalogue Elli Records)

post_ by Julien Bayle from Elli Records on Vimeo.

L’artiste en parle dans son interview avec Chain DKL :

Chain DLK : Can you tell us more about this (17dB !) anechoic room and its specs where Violent Grains of Silence was recorded ?

Julien Bayle : Anechoic conditions are often required by scientists for measuring how a piece of material reacts to vibrations, for instance. A space’s walls absorb mechanical vibrations in quite a wide bandwidth range.

If you are placed in the middle of the room and you speak or shout, you can hear your voice from inside your head, a bit through your ears as well, as the sound is traveling all along your face, but the sound doesn’t reflect in any way because it is absorbed by the walls. We are absolutely not used to hearing sounds in such conditions. Even in our kitchen, at the terrace of a bar, our voice is reverberating a bit, also providing us information about our immediate environment.

Specifications of this particular one in the LMA-CNRS space are very interesting and rare in the way that they’re very isolated, very absorbing. Thanks to Patrick Sanchez & Christophe Vergez from this prestigious lab, I could enter and work in this unique room. For the record, I consider an LMA as one of the most advanced places for artists to partner and work with.

Voir en ligne : le site web de l’interview

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