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A. Marzani - Elastic metasurfaces for Rayleigh waves control and mitigation


Le 10 novembre 2020 de 10h00 à 11h00

Alessandro Marzani / DICAM Dept. / Faculty of Engineering / University of Bologna


Elastic metamaterials are artificial composites with resonant elements hosted in a medium able to manipulate the propagation of elastic waves, e.g., surface and bulk waves. When the resonant elements are placed on the free surface of an elastic medium, they form a “metasurface” that allows to fully control the dynamics of surface waves. In this talk, I will discuss the use of resonant metamaterials to attenuate the propagation of surface waves and their possible application as building blocks of a resonant barrier against seismic waves and ground-borne vibrations. In particular, I will describe the dynamic interaction of Rayleigh waves with a metasurface of vertical resonators and the design principles of large-scale barriers able to deflect seismic Rayleigh waves into the medium bulk. The barrier design is guided by an analytical model able to predict the frequency range where Rayleigh waves are attenuated. Numerical models and experimental evidences from a small-scale test are presented to validate the analytical predictions. Then, I will highlight the effect of soil stratification on the metasurface dynamics, by analyzing the propagation of surface waves in granular media with depth-dependent stiffness profile, and I will present the design of a medium scale experimental test carried out within the ReWard project (https://site.unibo.it/reward/en).

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