LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

Materials and Structures Team

The "Materials and Structures" group is in charge of the research at LMA in the field of solid mechanics. This research concerns fundamental issues as well as applications, such as the problems raised by industry or more generally society. The team develops all kind of possible approaches: experimental, numerical, or theoretical.

Main scientific topics

  • Micromechanics and scale transitions: predictions of thermomechanical properties of composite materials from the knowledge of their microstructure. The same methods are also applied to the prediction of interface constitutive laws from the knowledge of the structure of a thin layer. Optimization of microstructures with respect to a desired given property. Inverse problems and identification.
  • Contact, friction, interfaces: analysis and computing of structural phenomena involving contacts and friction between solids: jamming, squeal, impacts.
  • Multiphysic couplings: modelling of chemio-active continua, molecular adhesion, tribological surface transformations.
  • Structures: vibrations and nonlinear dynamics, bifurcations and continuation methods, structures with uncertainties, thin structures, damage in composite solids, analysis of rubber metal bonded parts.

Transversality within the lab

  • Interactions with the "Sounds" group on the theme "Vibrations and nonlinear dynamics"
  • Interactions with the "Waves and Imagery" group on the themes “Seismic wave propagation and bonding”, “Imaging and high-performance computing” and “Power law-based viscoelasticity”.

Contribution to socio-economical aspects

  • Civil engineering: masonry structures
  • Nuclear energy: analysis of deformations of the nuclear fuel in nuclear power plant, safety of nuclear reactors
  • Aerospace engineering: interaction aircraft tyre/runway, rotors of helicopters, deployment of flexible structures.
  • Railway transport

Awards, Distinctions, Outreach

  • Fondation Simone et Cino Del Duca 2013 grant
  • 2 PhD thesis prizes in 2011 (Thalès and CSMA)
  • Special prizes of best commincation in symposia (CFM 2011 and ECT 2012)
  • Membership of the Scientific Council of Engineering & Systems Institute (CNRS)
  • Scientific committee of CISM, Euromech, GDRI Mecano



  • international:
    • Caltech, Columbia Univ., Univ. of Minnesota, Univ. of Delaware, Univ. of Washington, The University of Utah (USA)
    • Univ. de Pékin, Univ. Harbin (Chine)
    • Univ. de Rome Tor Vergata, Univ. de Cassino, Univ. de Ferrara, Univ. Naples Parthenope, Univ. Salerno (Italy)
    • Univ. de la Havane (Cuba)
    • École Polytechnique de Da Nang (Vietnam)
    • Univ. Sao Paulo (Brasil)
    • Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina)
    • TU Delft (Netherlands)
    • Institut de Mathématiques de Prague (Czech Republic)
    • Institut de Mathématiques Simion Stoilow de l’Académie Roumaine (Romania)
    • Lebanese American Univ. (Lebanon)
    • Univ. Gent (Belgium)
  • national:
    • In Marseille : Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille, ISM ...
    • Outside of Marseille : Univ. de Picardie (LAMFA), Univ. de Limoges (GEMH), Univ. Lyon I (Institut Camille Jordan), INSA de Lyon (LAMCOS), École Polytechnique (LMS), Univ. de Tours (LMR), LMT Cachan, École Centrale Nantes, LGGE (Grenoble) ...

National Labs

  • INRIA (Sophia-Antipolis, ENSTA, Saclay), CEA Cadarache, CNES Toulouse, IRSN, IRSTEA ...


  • Winlight Optics (Pertuis), Airbus France (Toulouse), EDF (Clamart), Eurocopter, IW EADS, Saint-Gobain, SNCF, Thalès Alenia Space ...



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