LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

Sounds Team

The « Sounds » team conducts researches related to the audible frequency range, from sound production to perception by human beings. The team has developed a broad range of expertise in vibroacoustics, aeroacoustics, audio research, dynamic systems, real-time computer science, psychoacoustics and neuroscience.


Sergio BELLIZZI bryk Jacques CHATRON CLARKE Jeanne COLINOT Renaud COTE ERNOULT Philippe GUILLEMAIN Guillot Dominique HABAULT Philippe HERZOG Jean KERGOMARD Olivier MACHEREY Cédric MAURY Sabine MEUNIER Marc PACHEBAT Erik Petersen Cédric PINHEDE Guy RABAU Patrick SANCHEZ Sophie SAVEL Christophe VERGEZ volpe