LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

Sounds Team

The « Sounds » team conducts researches related to the audible frequency range, from sound production to perception by human beings. The team has developed a broad range of expertise in vibroacoustics, aeroacoustics, audio research, dynamic systems, real-time computer science, psychoacoustics and neuroscience.

Main scientific topics

  • Environment and noise pollution : sonification of vehicles, active control, reduced representation of vibroacoustics systems ...
  • Auditory perception : psychoacoustics, loudness perception, perception of spatialized sounds, cochlear implants, electrophysiological measures of sound-elicited neural activity ...
  • Sounds and Music : musical instruments (from design to action), coding of sound and musical signals, objective assessment of sound reproduction systems, influence of timbre on musical interpretation, field synthesis, controlling digital musical instruments, sound metaphors (towards a sound language) ...

Transversality within the lab

Interactions with

Contribution to socio-economical aspects

Development of specific applications

  • Building works : noise reduction ...
  • Transports : acoustic comfort, noise reduction, diagnosing railway degradations ...
  • Spatial : booth for testing satellite resistance to take-off induced noise ...
  • Nuclear : non-linear vibrations of fuel rods in reactors...
  • Virtual and augmented reality : simulator, video games, multimedia ...
  • Health : audition, cochlear implants ...
  • Culture : Design of musical instruments (real or digital) ...

Awards, Distinctions, Outreach

  • Best research internship (2013) given by Ecole Polytechnique for an internship at the LMA on “Energetic pumping applied to the double-wall case”
  • Best scientific paper in category “Sound synthesis” at International conference DAFx 2013 (Digital Audio effects)
  • Silver Decibel award (2011) given by “Conseil National du Bruit” for research on acoustic pumping
  • Rocard award (2011 and 2016) by the French Society of Acoustics (SFA)



  • international :
    • Pennstate Univ., Univ. d’Arizona (USA)
    • Univ. d’Umea (Sweden)
    • NTNU (Norway)
    • Univ. Mc-Gill, Univ. Sherbrooke (Canada)
    • Univ. Catholique du Chili (Chile)
    • Univ. Pontificale de Rio de Janeiro, Univ. fédérale de Rio de Janeiro, Univ. Fédérale Fluminense, Univ. de Sao Paulo (Brasil)
    • Conservatoire de Bâle (Switzerland)
    • IWK (Austria)
    • CAEND (Spain)
    • Univ. de Bahia Blanca (Argentina)
  • national :
    • In Marseille : IRPHE, LATP ...
    • In France : Univ. du Mans, ENS Ulm, INSA Rouen, IRCAM, Univ. Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, CNAM Paris ...


  • CEA, IFSTTAR ...

Industrial partners

  • Buffet Crampon, Yamaha, EDF, Genesis, St Gobain, Thalès Alenia Space, Technip, SMAC, EADS, SNCF ...



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