LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

Sounds Team

The « Sounds » team conducts researches related to the audible frequency range, from sound production to perception by human beings. The team has developed a broad range of expertise in vibroacoustics, aeroacoustics, audio research, dynamic systems, real-time computer science, psychoacoustics and neuroscience.


Sergio BELLIZZI Jacques CHATRON Renaud COTE Ossen El Sawaf Hector Garcia Philippe GUILLEMAIN Gaston HILKHUYSEN Jean KERGOMARD Clément Leray Olivier MACHEREY Timothée Maison Pierre-Olivier MATTEI Cédric MAURY Sabine MEUNIER Marc PACHEBAT Cédric PINHEDE Augustin Pouye Guy RABAU Patrick SANCHEZ Sophie SAVEL Fabrice Silva Ana Sodan Christophe VERGEZ volpe