"Analysis-by-synthesis of timbre, timing and dynamics

in expressive clarinet performance "




Mathieu Barthet 1, Philippe Depalle 1,2

Richard Kronland-Martinet 1, Sølvi Ystad 1


1 CNRS - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'Acoustique, Marseille, France

 2 Sound Processing and Control Laboratory, McGill University , Montréal, (Qc), Canada




Score of Bach excerpt


This excerpt is the first musical phrase of the Allemande movement from Bach's Suite II for Cello (BWV. 1008). The adaptation for clarinet is from U. Delécluse.




Score of Mozart excerpt


This excerpt is taken from the Larghetto movement from Mozart's Quintet for Clarinet and Strings (KV. 581). The first musical phrase (first four bars) was selected to generate the sound stimuli.



Sound Examples


Analysis-synthesis model


Original recorded performance

Sound Example 1

Resynthesis with the residual part

Sound Example 2

Residual part

Sound Example 3

Resynthesis with frozen instantaneous frequencies

Sound Example 4


Sound stimuli


Transformation description


Bach excerpt

Mozart excerpt

No transformation


Sound Example 5

Sound Example 13

Freezing of the Spectral Centroid (TT )


Sound Example 6

Sound Example 14

Canceling of the IOI deviations (TR)


Sound Example 7

Sound Example 15

Compression of the dynamics (TD)


Sound Example 8

Sound Example 16

Combination of TT and TR


Sound Example 9

Sound Example 17

Combination of TT and TD


Sound Example 10

Sound Example 18

Combination of TR and TD


Sound Example 11

Sound Example 19

Combination of TT , TR and TD


Sound Example 12

Sound Example 20