Sound examples illustrating the paper

"Synthesizer for Spatialized Environmental Sounds"

This page provides binaural sound examples that have been created with the spatialized additive synthesizer. The synthesis parameters have been obtained with different methods (spectral analysis of real sounds, physical models, heuristics, ...).
Two of the sounds below have also reverberation added as a post-processing effect, after the synthesis/spatialization algorithm. (stone-like sound and drops of water). All soundfiles can be downloaded in a zip file here

Aerodynamic sounds

01 swishing stick

02 strong wind
03 crackling fire
04 wind (3 spatial extensions)

Solid sounds

01 spatialized impact sounds (metal, wood, glass)
02 stone sounds (+reverb)
03 virtual rolling object
04 bells (3 spatial extensions)
05 piano (3 spatial extensions)

Liquid sounds

01 waves example 1
02 waves example 2
03 drops of water (+reverb)
04 drops (3 spatial extensions)
05 wave (3 spatial extensions)


01 impact sounds with different dynamic distributions of sinusoidal components
02 harmonic sound with moving partials
03 "huge drops of water"

Page updated in December 2008
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