LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

6th Workshop on Speech in Noise

From 9 January 2014 to 10 January 2014

Speech in noise holds the attention of a multidisciplinary research community. Once a year, this community meets at the workshop on Speech in Noise.

The 6th workshop in this series will be held on the 9th and 10th of January 2014 at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics of the National Center for Scientific Research (LMA-CNRS) in Marseille, France.


Speech is probably the most used method of communication. It is fast, robust, open to interaction and can be used in highly adverse conditions. Besides the content of the message it contains additional information, such as the emotional state, size and sex of the speaker. But occasionally speech information is not transmitted properly due to interference by one or more other sources typically labeled as noise.

Technological progress demands a better understanding of the processes involved in the perception of speech in noise. For example, mobile telecommunications makes people communicate under far more noisier conditions than the traditional landline. Contemporary hearing aids with wireless technologies allow the implementation of numerous digital signal processing strategies, creating novel opportunities to improve the speech perception for hearing impaired listeners. A better understanding of the perception of speech in noise also appears imperative to a further development of cochlear implants. And withstanding progress in the field of automatic speech recognition, robustness to noise remains a challenge.

Besides challenges, new technology also created new opportunities to study the perception of speech in noise. Computational models in the field of room and space acoustics make it possible to evaluate listening conditions prior to construction or acoustic modifications. New techniques in brain imaging, neural processing and cognitive functioning allow new perspectives on the processing of noisy speech. Although speech intelligibility has traditionally received much interest, the presence of noise appears to influence subsequent processing by the human brain, even when the message appears to have been transmitted properly.

A better understanding of the perception of speech in noise demands knowledge and exchange of knowledge from a variety of disciplines, who typically do not meet at other conferences. Additionally, the field can benefit from interaction between industry and academia. This workshop series aims to provide a platform for all involved in the amazingly diverse research on ‘Speech in Noise’.


The scientific program contains both oral and poster presentations. Invited speakers at various stages in their academic careers will reveal their latest research findings, covering the many aspects of SpiN.

See online : 6th SpiN workshop : Information, registration...

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