LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

Workshop "Current Topics in Loudness"

Insa-Lyon, France

Du 15 septembre 2014 au 16 septembre 2014

The aim of this two-day workshop is to identify new perspectives for research on loudness. It will combine lectures, discussions and debates on various topics related to loudness. The workshop is open to a limited number of participants and is organized within the framework of the LoudNat project sponsored by the National Research Agency (ANR).

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Flyer Workshop "Current Topics in Loudness"


  • Essential Psychoacoustical Elements of Loudness Discovery // Mary Florentine (US)
  • Quantification of binaural loudness gain using simple reaction time // Wolfgang Ellermeier and J. Schlittenlacher (Ger)
  • On the prediction of binaural loudness for directional, stationary sound sources // Michaël Vannier (Fr)
  • Interaction between loudness and auditory scene analysis : A review of the revisited literature // Nicolas Grimault (Fr)
  • Can reverse correlation methods be used to determine the spectral weighting of loudness ? // Walt Jesteadt (US)
  • How do listeners judge the loudness of time-varying sounds ? Spectro-temporal weights for loudness // Daniel Oberfeld (Ger)
  • Global loudness of non-stationary sounds : methods and perceptual processes // Emmanuel Ponsot and Patrick Susini (Fr)
  • Intensity Dynamics and Loudness Change : Methods and Mechanisms // Kirk Olsen (Aus)
  • From artificial to complex stimuli : Challenges for models for time-varying loudness // Jan Rennies, J. Hots and J. L. Verhey (Ger)


Registration will open soon on the website of the French Acoustical Society // www.sfa.asso.fr

The registration fee is 50 euros for students and 100 euros for non-students. It includes coffee breaks and lunches for the two days. INSA-Lyon can be easily reached from the railway station or the international airport // More details soon on the website.

Organization committee

Sabine Meunier - Jacques Chatron - Sophie Savel - Guy Rabau // LMA - CNRS (Marseille)
Patrick Susini - Emmanuel Ponsot // STMS Lab - Ircam - CNRS - UPMC (Paris)
Etienne Parizet - Michael Vannier // LVA - INSA (Lyon)

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