LMA - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

The Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing PASC18 Conference

Congress Center Basel, Switzerland

Du 2 juillet 2018 au 4 juillet 2018

Le LMA participe à l’organisation du PASC18 Conference
Dimitri Komatitsch co-organise deux sessions :

Advances in Computational Geosciences Part I (MS19) & Part II (MS29)

Organizers : Ebru Bozdag (Colorado School of Mines, USA), Dimitri Komatitsch (LMA, CNRS, France)

Track(s) : Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Solid Earth Dynamics, Physics Recent advances in theory and numerical methods in parallel to the availability of high-quality massive data sets and high-performance computing provide unprecedented opportunities to improve our understanding of Earth’s interior and its mechanism. The goal of this session is to bring computational and Earth scientists together to form a platform to discuss the current status, challenges and future directions in computational geosciences highlighting numerical simulations, the state-of-the-art HPC applications and their scientific outcomes. Contributions include, but are not limited to, the areas of earthquake engineering, passive and active-source seismic imaging, geodynamical modelling, magneto-fluid dynamics, etc. in conjunction with computational approaches such as numerical solvers, large-scale workflow, big data, optimisation strategies, etc. on HPC systems.

Supercomputers can help simulate the propagation of seismic or acoustic waves in very complex media

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